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BBCA Standards and Guides

BBCA Standards and Guides


The Standards and Guides were approved by the Bonnie Brae Civic Association at a regular meeting on June 7, 1994. They are based upon Covenants filed with the Fairfax County Records Office in 1971 and current regulations. Compliance is mandatory. The Standards and Guides are less restrictive than the 1971 Covenants and reflect the major demographic and developmental changes, which have occurred in the Bonnie Brae Subdivision since 1971.

The Association expects all Bonnie Brae Homeowners to support the Standards and Guides. In the event neighbor disputes arise regarding compliance, homeowners have a right to request the non-judicial assistance of the BBCA in seeking relief.


These STANDARDS AND GUIDES were adopted by the Bonnie Brae Civic Association to ensure that the lots subject hereto will remain a desirable place to live and will provide a safe, healthy, and attractive environment. They are intended to achieve common goals in maintenance, harmonious effect and appearance of homes and grounds.

A further purpose of the STANDARDS AND GUIDES is to promote neighborhood harmony, which will enable Bonnie Brae to attract new residents, whose concern for property and environment is consistent with the standards set forth. A final purpose of these STANDARDS AND GUIDES is to provide assurance to lot owners that property values will be enhanced.

For new home owners in Bonnie Brae, The STANDARDS AND GUIDES provide immediate means for establishing high level maintenance practices for lots and homes.


a. Buildings

1) Residential Buildings. No lot shall be used other than a residential building with one dwelling unit, a carport or garage for one or two vehicles, and an accessory building.

2) Accessory Buildings. No accessory building except for one shed not to exceed 100 square feet in a back yard shall be erected or placed on any lot.

b. Residential Use. The primary use of lots or buildings shall be for residential purposes.

c. Occupancy

1) One person or two or more persons related by blood or marriage with any number of natural children, step or adopted children and not to exceed three (3) foster children plus not more than two (2) roomers or boarders.
2) A group of not more than four (4) persons not necessarily related by blood or marriage.
3) One or two persons, one or both of whom shall be elderly and/or disabled, and one or both of whom own the dwelling unit; plus one caretaker family which may consist of one person or two or more persons related by blood or marriage with any number of natural, step or adopted children.

d. Separate kitchens are not permitted for establishing apartments.

e. Signs.

No permanent signs, excluding house numbers, of any kind or character shall be displayed. One temporary sign, such as those related to the disposition of real property, may be displayed if no larger than 450 square inches. Signs identifying the Bonnie Brae Subdivision are authorized.

f. Noise and Nuisance Activities

Homeowners must comply with this ordinance at all times but exert particular control over excessive loudness, abusive language, barking dogs, car and home stereos, car horns, engines and power tools between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Noise and 
nuisance activity is prohibited on any lot in accordance with Virginia Section (4-81) and County Section 108 (4-5).

g. Business Undertakings.

Business, professional or craft undertakings conducted within residences must meet all of the following conditions in addition to complying with the applicable provisions of the Code of Fairfax County, Virginia:

1) No sound, light, odor, vibration or other invasive effects from such undertakings shall be detectable out of doors.

2) No parking associated with business, profession or craft shall be allowed to interfere with the ability of other residents to enjoy access in front of their lots.

3) No business, professional or craft undertaking shall be conducted by other than that of bona fide residents of that particular dwelling.

h. Fences.

No fence of any kind shall be erected or replaced on any portion of a yard nearer to the street than the walls of the residence, except that decorative improvements may be installed.

i. Trees.

In accordance with County Law, no trees of any kind shall be planted closer than three (3) feet to any public sidewalk or curb.


a. Grounds and Maintenance.

1) Grounds, including trees, bushes, gardens or other plantings on all lots shall be maintained in a neat and well-groomed condition. Grounds shall include the strip lying between the sidewalks and curbs adjacent to the lot.

2) Trees, hedges, and bushes adjacent to public sidewalks and streets shall be trimmed so that they pose no obstruction or hazard to pedestrians or vehicles.

3) Vegetation overgrowth shall be trimmed from public sidewalks, curbs, joints, cracks and driveway aprons sufficiently often to prevent or retard damage to concrete or asphalt.

4) Snow and ice accumulations on public sidewalks shall be removed by homeowner.

b. Home Exteriors

l) Exterior parts of residences shall be maintained so as to present an attractive and harmonious effect and to prevent deterioration. Replacement of sidings should be in the contemporary style.

2) Gutters, down spouts, shutters, light fixtures, screens, storm doors, storm windows, TV antennae and other items affixed to the exterior of a residence shall be properly mounted and maintained. Large TV “dish antennae” are not to be installed in front of houses.

3) Exterior steps, decks, porches and stoops, whether of masonry, concrete, or wooden construction, shall be maintained so as to preclude rot, crumbling or other deterioration.

c. Trash.

l) No part of any lot or public property shall be used as dumping ground for trash, garbage, rubbish, clippings, pruning or leaves except for a rear yard compost pile. For homeowners who maintain a wooded area on their property, grass clippings or leaves may be spread by that homeowner in that natural area; piles of clippings and leaves are not permitted.

2) No incineration of trash, garbage, rubbish, leaves, clippings or pruning shall be done on any property.

3) No trash, garbage, or other waste shall be kept outside the house and garage except in sanitary containers positioned so as to be unobtrusive. Containers are to be of permanent type, metal, plastic, rubber - not of wood or cardboard.

4) Trash, garbage, waste and pruning or cuttings assembled for trash pickup shall be placed at the curb in front of the property as late as conveniently possible for scheduled pickup. Trash containers shall be removed from curbside as soon as possible after pickup.

d. Outdoor Laundry Drying.

No clothing or laundry shall be aired or dried on any portion of any property other than in the rear yard of the lot.

e. Paint.

No paint or other permanent marking substance shall be applied to any street sidewalk or driveway apron except house numbers not to exceed four (4) inches high painted on curbs in front of the dwelling. Black topping driveways and aprons excluded.

f. Major Exterior Additions, Alterations, Improvements.

Homeowners planning major revisions or improvements must obtain the necessary building permits from Fairfax County. Homeowners may request the Association to review preliminary plans regarding their compliance with the Standards and Guides.

g. Zoning.

No lot shall be used for any purpose not permitted by Fairfax Country zoning ordinances.


a. Junk and Inoperable Vehicles

Junk or inoperable vehicles shall not be parked or placed on any lot or public property unless in an enclosed garage or unless made operable within ten (10) days after written notice from either the Bonnie Brae Civic Association or a Fairfax County agency.

b. Unmoved Vehicles and Trailers

No vehicle, including trailers, shall be allowed to remain parked and unmoved on any public property or street for more than ten (10) days. If a longer period is required, owner is to request extension, not to exceed thirty (30) days from Bonnie Brae Civic Association.

c. Unlicensed Vehicles

Vehicles not bearing current license plates, inspection stickers or county tax stickers shall not be left on public property for more than thirty (30) days or on a private lot for more than forty (40) days unless in an enclosed garage.

d. Mobile Homes

No mobile home shall be placed or parked on any lot or on public property. (Passed by Legislature and signed by Governor in 1999)

e. Commercial Vehicles and Buses

No vehicle licensed for hire, licensed as a truck displaying commercial lettering, used as a bus or used for purposes other than personal, recreational or official government transportation shall be placed or parked on any lot or public property unless in an enclosed garage or in the process of delivery, pick-up or work services.

f. Recreational Vehicles, Trailers and Watercraft

No motor home, RV (towed or self-propelled), truck, displaying commercial lettering, used as a bus or used for purposes other than personal, recreational or official government transportation shall be placed or parked on any lot or public property unless in an enclosed garage or in the process of delivery, pick-up or work services. (Passed by Legislature and signed by Governor in 1999)


a. General

Animals, fowl, or bees may be kept, raised, bred or boarded out of doors on or adjacent to any lot only if in compliance with applicable Fairfax County ordinances.

b. Pet Restraint

Pets shall be allowed outside of a home or fenced back yard only if restrained by a leash or an electronic device.

c. Sanitation

When pets are walked, those with custody or control of the pets shall assure that excrement is immediately removed and not allowed to remain on any property other than that of the pet owner. Cat owners will provide litter boxes and litter box training for such pets.


a. Non-Judicial Role

The Board of Directors of the Bonnie Brae Civic Association shall take reasonable informal steps to resolve problems arising from non-compliance with the Standards and Guides.

b. Conflict with Other Judicial Authority

The Bonnie Brae Civic Association shall, at all times, observe the laws, regulations, ordinances, zoning board restrictions and the like of the County of Fairfax, State of Virginia and of the United States of America, and if, at any time the provisions of these Standards and Guides be found in conflict therewith such laws, regulations, ordinances, zoning board restrictions and the like shall become null and void, but no other part of these Standards and Guides not in conflict shall be affected thereby.

c. Written Request for Assistance

Bonnie Brae homeowners may request the assistance of the Board of Directors should neighbor disputes arise over compliance with the Standards and Guides. Such requests shall be in writing and in accordance with procedures set forth in the Bonnie Brae Civic Association Directory.

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